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I am so glad to have you check out what I am all about, how I got here and what I am doing now.  I have many interests and I am always pondering new ways to get my message out to the public, so I can hopefully prevent what happened to me from happening again to someone else.  I have had way too much experience in counseling about grief, loss, addiction, PTSD, severe depression, anxiety and, by far, worst of all, the death of my child, Jessie, due to gross medical negligence. I learned all this through life's experience.  I am a MICRA expert!  It is a law that I am so passionate about because of what I have come to learn in the most horrible way.  I am a Medical Malpractice Victims Rights Advocate! More on this is in the following pages.  I am the Author of Like Shattered Glass.., and I have written for magizines and newsletters, I have testified before Congress. My experience has been the subject of two documentaries, and I received the "Erin Brockovich" award (Consumer Advocate of the Year) in 2005 from the CAOC (Consumer Attorneys of California).  I am now convinced that abolishing MICRA is the solution to the problem we have been dancing around instead of confronting for 39 years.
This is a true story.
Like Shattered Glass...
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